Terms of business

The client agrees and understands:

That there is only a one off monthly subscription and there are no additional costs or hidden charges.

That it is understood the information/signals will be delivered electronically to the member’s area of the website www.puretradingsignals.com

That they are responsible for cancelling the subscription after the free trial for no further reoccurring payments. This can be done via the client’s PayPal account.

That they are responsible for supplying a valid email address, so it is possible for Puretradingsignals.com to email receipt of payments via PayPal.

That the information/signals are only to be used as described and that is for the purpose of Forex trading.

That by using the information/signals he/she agrees to respects the intellectual property rights of Puretradingsignals.com and will not copy, download, transmit, reproduce, print, or exploit for
commercial purpose any material contained within the members area.

That all rights reserved and any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying or rerecording will constitute an infringement of copyright.

That they will not be eligible for a refund at any point after money back guarantee has expired.

To accept these terms as binding on the client and to be responsible to Puretradingsignals.com for any breach.

Puretradingsignals.com shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense whatsoever arising from the use of the information/signals.

Puretradingsignals.com does not make any guarantees of success generated from their information/signals generated through software’s and displayed on their website.
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