How much does this buy / sell signal service cost per month? The subscription fee of $99 per month after your first FREE month trial.
Auto Trading software is a separate promotion and has a different cost associated with it. (
this service is currently over subscribed ) check out our free signals

Are there any further charges or hidden fees? None,our charges are very clear.

Can I get a refund? Sorry, no our signal software product can not be physically returned, the right-to-cancel are therefore those which apply to services when purchasing on-line.

How can I be notified of your Tweets or Face book updates? Join up, the links are on our home page at the right hand side bottom of the page. Be kept informed.

Are your free signals and free tips always going to be free? Yes they will be always free displayed on our, PTS Face Book, Twitter account and on the Free Signals page on our site.

Can I buy your exclusive buy / sell signal software? No you can’t sorry .

Is your buy /sell signal software a down-load? No, its a piece of software

How much money do I need to start trading? We suggest that only trade with real money if you have worked with our system for a week or 10 days and that you understand how to use the
signals we produce. Perhaps run our signals on a demo account either with a MT4 provider or Trade station type platforms.

Do you recommend a broker to trade with? Yes, LMAX Exchange just click on the banners on the home page to link you to their site

What lot size do you recommend we trade? Trade no more than you feel comfortable with. Most traders only trade 2-3% of their account balance, this is good trading!

Do you offer any guarantees I will make money? If you are looking for a sure fire way to make money, FX is not for you, lots of sites will tell you they don’t lose, or that their robot or systems
make money all the time, It’s just not true, don’t you think the institutional managers and FX dealers in the markets would be simply running those sites for the bank or the house .So no there are
no guarantees you will make money here, we can only tell you what we are trading and when we traded it..

Can I get into a trade when I have missed the signal? Yes you can enter a trade after the main signal has been delivered, you will need to read the Fib or pivot level and either wait for the
next signal in that pair or trade the correlating pair on its fib level. It will all become easier to understand the more you receive the signals.

What Time Frame works with your signals ? All time Frames,however 15 minutes TF works best.

I am new to trading can I trade your signals? I would strongly recommend you read the book “Forex for dummies”, the book, listen to Bloomberg TV, economic news and do basic research on
what the terms in the market are before embarking on a FX career. 90% or higher retail traders lose all their money in the first few weeks of trading, fear and greed make a friend of them and visit
them every time they trade, so research, research, research!

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